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A few years ago I enrolled at my local college seeking information on video editing. Unfortunately, the class did not offer the skills I was seeking. However, on the bright side it did offer video production. One of the assignments was to create a talk show, which was totally awesome. I learned how to use a ready room and the equipment too. We were encouraged to publish our show on our local TV station which I did. Not lacking inspiration or ideas, I created two shows that ran a full season. The shows were lots of fun and I encourage anyone to participate in creating a local TV show if your community offers such a program. Not only will you walk away with the knowledge but the experience is highly rewarding and will serve as great pilot episodes should you desire to launch a career in television hosting.

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You are the Talk of the Town - preview 1:42

Through You are the Talk of the Town I offered my fellow Monterey residents the opportunity to toot their horn. For years, I had been trying to get on Oprah to toot my horn as an inventer and finally decided, I will host my own show and give others the opportunity that I have always desired. I truly believe that we all have something fantastic about ourselves and we should all have the opportunity to tell the world.

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Patient's Pride Taking Back Control

Heather Milligan - Role Model full episode 24:45

Patient's Pride - Taking Back Control TV is designed to do one thing and that is to help you move forward once diagnosed with a chronic illness. Throughout the years, I have the great fortune to help my fellow patients by sharing with them the things that I did to help me move forward. This show was inspired by the many phone conversations that I have had throughout the years. What I have found that most patients have in common is we all want to know how we can get through a chronic illness and still retain our pride and dignity.


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